Welcome to 'La Roche' Bistro & Wine Bar

La Roche

Operating the "Black Rock Grill' concept where your main course is served on a block of volcanic rock heated to 440c. The choice of your main course is seared on both sides for 40 seconds to seal, then presented with the salad or vegetables and potatoes of your choice.

To get the best result from your choice, slice thinly and flip on to the rock and eat, taking a little longer depending on how you like your meat cooked.

Remember chicken must be well cooked. A separate knife and fork is provided to cut the raw chicken, then use the cutlery on the table to eat with.

We recommend where sauces are served you use them as a dipping sauce not to pour directly onto the rock.

We trust you enjoy the experience, and have a pleasant evening with us.



West Bay crab cakes served with a sweet chilli dip - £5.95
A Highland game broth laced with Whisky - £4.95
Pan fried sardines in garlic butter with a twist of lemon and a salad garnish - £5.95
Deep fried Jalapeño peppers stuffed with a cream cheese served on a bed of leaves - £4.95
Prawn & smoked salmon platter topped with a marie rose sauce - £6.50
Chefs homemade mango and brie tart served warm on a rocket salad - £4.75
La Roche's finest chiken liver and brandy pate served with hot toast - £5.95


Rump - £12.95
Entrecôte - £13.95
Ribeye - £15.95
Gammon with pineapple - £11.00
Lamb leg stick - £15.95

To enhance your meal, try one of our dipping sauces:
Blue cheese, brandy & peppercorn, steakhouse supreme, fiery Marrakesh spice, Flamin' Cajun, Rocky Mountain Maple, Fire Cracker sauce. £1.50 per portion


Vegetable and quorn kebabs, barbecue glazed served with a salsa dip OR
Vegetable burgers with onion rings and tomato relish. - £11.00


Mixed Grill: 5ox rump, 5oz gammon, chicken fillet, lambs kidney - £15.95
Surf 'n' Turf: 10oz rump, with a skewer of prawns - £15.95
Gresham Duck Breast: with an orange marmalade - £15.95
Veal Cutlet: Served with a Tomato & Basil dipping sauce - £15.95
Pork Tenderloin Medallions: Served with a honey and Dijon dip - £13.95
Butterfly Chicken Breast: With a lemon and cracked pepper dipping sauce - £11.95


Salmon Fillet: With a Hollandaise dip - £15.95
Tuna Steak: With a sweet chilli glaze - £13.95
King Scallops: With a Cheddar cheese fondue - £13.95

All dishes are served with: Chips, saute or boiled baby potatoes, pot roast vegetables, mixed salad or peas, tomato and mushrooms